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08 August 2010

Vegan Scientist: A Kindred Spirit

Now you may think that the whole fAtkins diet rebranding gets my knickers in a twist because it's contrary to the vegan thing you heard I like. But that's only a small reason, if any. Mainly it's this whole nostalgia for the past that never was. The cartoon version of primitive humans taking a bite out of a mammoth simply isn't true. ... The concept is just a continuation of the whole natural-is-automatically-good-for-you mantra that just bugs the heck out of me (arsenic, uranium, strychnine, poliovirus, all natural! they must be good for you!)

Veg Lab Rat is a protein biochemist and a vegan, who works at a government lab.

Vist his/her blog and send some love. I know I'm about to.

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  1. Score! Thanks for sharing. Are there any other blogs or websites that come highly recommended by you? Other than your blog, Plant Positive and Dr. Michael Greger's are my current favorites.