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I am a politically-progressive, ethically-herbivorous anthropoid pursuing a paleontology education in the Los Angeles Basin. I am largely nocturnal, have rarely been photographed, and cannot thrive in captivity.

24 August 2010

Why I Won't Debate Most Commenters

Another Anonymous turned up here today, and demanded evidence for something. It's pretty clear that they haven't read most of the posts here, or even most of the post to which they responded, but that's beside the point.

I'm just taking this as an opportunity to announce my Comments policy. I won't debate most commenters, regardless of their points. This isn't because I fear "losing," but because there's nothing to be gained by the effort.

Today's daily dose of Vegan Outreach sums it up well:
But our goal isn't to show how awesome veganism is; what is important is saving animals. To do this requires an honest evaluation of reality, from the nutritional aspects of veganism to the possibilities and psychology of how people can and do change.
Of course, if a commenter points out genuine errors, grammatical issues, or unclear writing, I will of course respond with thanks and corrections.

But I'm not here to argue. I'm here to share my love of paleontology and my love of animals, in the hope that doing so will inspire others onto both paths.

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  1. Everything you've ever said or thought is wrong! ... just kidding. I really love your blog. I don't know much about paleontology, but I've enjoyed learning about it here. Thanks!