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01 September 2010

Creationism Watch: Evolution Wins Big In TX

After a long fight, the crazies concede defeat.

BLOG UPDATE: I've started a new semester this week, so blogging might fall behind for a bit. I will post my article on the dinocephalians this weekend.

I'm also working on a new article series idea, inspired by PETA's Meet Your Meat campaign, but with a more celebratory focus: an evolutionary history of the animal species that humans exploit for food. Most of them are being covered (indirectly) in History Of Your Teeth, but they deserve a spotlight to themselves.

First up will be chickens, ducks, turkeys and all the other feathered friends we slaughter and consume by the billions.

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  1. Cool! How is your work on this going? It sounds very interesting. Cool blog man. I'll have to check in here from time to time.