28 November 2010

Confession Of A Failed Omnivore

There's been something of trend lately, of former vegans publicly (and rather drama-queenishly) renouncing their veggie ways and embracing a new role as "ethical omnivores." I won't bother linking to any of these pedantic blogs, as I'm sure many of you are already aware of the fad.

However, did you know that there are former omnivores doing the same thing in the other direction? A bit tongue-in-cheek, here's a brilliant (and satirical) confessional from a self-professed failed omnivore.

And to think, I was gonna write one along the lines of "how paleontology made me vegan," aimed right at the heart of this trend. I might still do it, but Marla's blog does a fantastic job of both truth-speaking and parodying this recent fad of self-indulgent nonsense.


  1. You know, the thing I don't quite get is why, a hundred and fifty years ago, so many people griped about their sexual wants and the ethics of their sexual activities or self-denial of such, whereas today, just as many young educated people trouble themselves in a similar manner regarding their feeding habits?

    What does that say about changing attitudes? And what will people gripe about in another 150 years?

  2. hopefully, they'll continue the trend of griping about social justice issues rather than personal needs curtailed by social norms.

  3. Marla at Vegan Feminist Agitator is brilliant at satire. I love her work.