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I am a politically-progressive, ethically-herbivorous anthropoid pursuing a paleontology education in the Los Angeles Basin. I am largely nocturnal, have rarely been photographed, and cannot thrive in captivity.

28 November 2010

A Dinosaur Of My Very Own

Now that I have more of it to spare than before, I've put my money where my keyboard is and become the sponsor/"parent" of a rescued turkey at Animal Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary. I get to name the turkey in question, and this has put me in kind of a pickle. Since I don't know the gender of my turkey yet, I'm trying to think of a name that can go either way.

Right now, I'm torn between Manny Raptor (which can be modified to "Mandy" if necessary), or simply Jive.

I'll be receiving a photo of my new turkey friend, which I'll post here when it arrives. If it's small enough, I may carry it my wallet and show it around as my pet dinosaur.

In the spirit of the holidays, you should sponsor an animal there, too. Especially if you're from the L.A. area.

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