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16 November 2010

We Need More Vegans Like This

Vegan Skeptic does an excellent debunking of the recent meme that veg*nism is worse for the environment than meat-eating.

I like Infinity's blog not only for work like this, but also because of its focus on "promot(ing) reason and skepticism in the animal rights community." There's a lot of mystical, pseudo- and anti-science, mumbo-jumbo in our movement, and I am often frustrated by it, especially since I think the weight of reason and science support a vegan lifestyle for most people living in the modern world.

I'm glad we have smart cookies like this fellow to help us steer the Good Ship Vegan towards saner waters. I just wish more of the crew would pay attention.


  1. We do need more vegans like this! Thanks for sharing and great blog. And just noticed you are in LA too. Rad.

  2. yeah, I love his blog, we actually talk about upcoming posts and issue given the similarity of our blogs POV, one of critical thought and veganism