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I am a politically-progressive, ethically-herbivorous anthropoid pursuing a paleontology education in the Los Angeles Basin. I am largely nocturnal, have rarely been photographed, and cannot thrive in captivity.

19 April 2011

Looking Ahead

OK, I admit it. One of the reasons I deleted this blog was that I had frustrated myself with poor time management. Because of this, the blog kept getting de-prioritized, and my time between posts got progressively longer as the posts themselves became shorter. Those with any length at all were, to my eye, haphazard and poorly-sourced.

Well, enough of that. I've set myself a schedule. From now on, Friday will be blog day, barring important exceptions like final exams, field work, etc. So, once a week, I will post something new and (hopefully) substantial. During the rest of the week, I may log in to put up interesting links or pics from other sites, with brief commentary, but won't pressure myself into trying to say something profound about them.

Also, I had previously announced two main research projects, and begun one of them: The History Of Your Teeth; and the tentatively-titled Paleontology (Not) On Your Plate. The first, already begun (and soon to have its own page here), is pretty self-explanatory. The second was to examine the evolution and fossil record of common food animals, beginning with the beautiful chickens, turkeys, ducks and other exploited dinosaurs who don't get their due.

Thing is, though, I can't do both of them at the same time, given my academic obligations and time constraints. So, I leave it to you, dear readers: which series would you like to see completed first:

1) History Of Your Teeth; or
2) Paleontology (Not) On Your Plate?

If voting for number 2, I'm also open to a new and better title. The one I have just doesn't roll off the tongue.


  1. Paleontology (Not) On Your Plate! Paleontology (Not) On Your Plate!

  2. The History Of Your Teeth! The History Of Your Teeth!
    Those pesky paleo's keep harping about teeth.I would love to see a useful rebuttal.

  3. That's 1 to 1, a tie. Somebody else needs to chime in.

    A word to richard, though: History Of Your Teeth isn't intended as a "rebuttal" to paleos (whom I'd rather just ignore), so much as a clarification of what we know about the evolution of human teeth in general.

    The fossil record does not prove that man evolved as a vegan, so if that's what you're looking for, you may want to reconsider your vote. :)