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26 May 2012

Checking In....

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks.  School has been kicking my ass, and I decided it needs to be my main focus for a while.   I have a summer break coming up, though, and will get back to posting then.

Meantime, welcome to my new readers, and thanks to all of you for reading and commenting.  I will be back soon.


  1. You might want to check the article I shall link to at the end of my comment. It is a direct (although, of course, unintentional) response to one of your earlier posts on the suffering in Nature. If you had the time to read, you might want to write something in response. That is, if you are not convinced by Oscar Horta (a famous Spanish philosopher from the animal movement).


    The article in question: http://masalladelaespecie.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/debunking-the-idyllic-view-of-natural-processes/

    1. My quick impression, Veganomante? Another philosopher talking out his butt.

      r/K-selection theory was supplanted by life history theory at least 20 years ago, and while it's not totally invalid, it isn't nearly as straightforward or as bleak as Horta makes it sound. Turns out that for many species, r or K selection is as much about resource availability and population demography as it is about predation. It changes within a given species, and even between different populations of the same species.

      And I wouldn't say I have an idyllic view of nature; I just point out that there's a lot that's valuable in wild animals' lives (from their individual perspective), and that the human emphasis on tooth-and-claw is ideologically self-serving.

      I'll try to get into more detail about this essay after my summer field class. Though I do like that the author has the same name as the rock monster from that old Star Trek episode. ;)

    2. Thanks for replying (and for pointing out that the Star Trek creature was called the same as Oscar, haha). I sure hope for a more detailed review if you have the time one day.


    3. Hello!

      When you say ideologically self serving what do you mean exactly?

      Also have you read anything by Alan Dawrst or David Pearce? They also write on this topic. Alan Dawrst has also written about the posibility of insects being sentient and how "humane insecticides" could be a really great improvement.

      If you have the time I'd love to discuss these issues with you further here or alternatively my email is rd5683@hotmail.com

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  3. Hi there! Such a brilliant rebuttal you made over on James McWilliams blog to that letter from a grassfed beef proponent, …why not post it here, too, so more folks can enjoy it!?Just a thought! :) -Fireweed www/veganiculture.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Robert,

    I couldn't find an email or other contact method so thought I'd try here, feel free to remove this comment.

    I just added you to: http://VeganFeed.com

    Do you have a facebook or twitter I can link to, couldn't find one. Also I'm trying to come up with a little icon for you. If you have the time and wish to, send me an email, you can find it at: http://veganfeed.com/about.php
    (Avoiding spam bots). Thanks...

  5. Hey great blog ,
    The carnist media is spreading this research now
    with all the usual meat made us smart propaganda

    Maybe your next post can refer to it ?(or just a quick answer here will be good)

    With your knowledge about this issues what do you think about the significance and relevance of this research ?