13 August 2012

File Under: "No Shit?"

Sometimes, even I am astonished at the obstuseness of science.

Seems the attendees of the Francis Crick Memorial Conference concluded in July that -- wait for it -- animals are conscious beings, just like humans.

No doubt, the discovery that we breathe oxygen is right around the corner.

-- Full text of the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness.
-- Mark Bekoff responds.
-- Michael Mountain responds.

Parting thought: I make light of this, but it's actually an important step. The life science community as has been collectively avoiding this elephant in the room for decades, arguably since Darwin published The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals. For the animals' sake, I hope the implications of this evolutionarily-obvious meme begin to work on lab researchers and foodies alike, like, yesterday.


  1. Good on them. Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. No kidding! Facepalm! Lol
    Thank you for posting xD

  3. Good for them. A little more light enters the dark ages. I recently watched "The Superior Human?"


    in which one of the interviewees, a philosopher who's name I cannot remember, reports writing an entire book aimed at convincing scientists and philosophers that non-human species feel pain. After his local newspaper announced the publication of his book, he met some Harley riders somewhere, and someone asked him what his book was about. He explained that it was a proof that animals feel pain. These common folk looked at him strangely and wondered aloud who needed proof of something so obvious.

    That this needs official sanction reveals the unfortunate grip Cartesian philosophy still holds on a large number of people who consider themselves educated scientists.