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28 December 2012

Plant Positive Is Back

After a long hiatus, the infamous slayer of paleo dragons has returned. This time, be begins by focusing his keen intellect and talent for attention to detail on Gary Taubes, the 800-lb. gorilla of paleo- and low-carb world. (By the way, does Taubes actually weight 800 lbs. yet?)

It's 44 videos totaling about 16 hours, and it's not just all about Taubes. Plant Positive also goes into great detail about the co-evolution of hominids with lipid-eating parasites, a topic no paleo-dieter should ever be allowed to ignore. I haven't gotten through the whole series yet, but it looks to be as good and comprehensive as his previous two efforts.

On a personal note, I'd  like to say I find this fellow to be a great inspiration. The amount of time and effort he dedicated to this project -- for free -- is truly awe-inspiring. He's gotten me to think about producing some videos of my own, though I'm not sure what's left for me to cover.

Anyway, Part 1 is below. Watch the whole thing, enjoy it, and spread the whole series far and wide.

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  1. Thanks PaleoVeganology, and thank you Plant Positive for your fine work. I love this stuff!