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I am a politically-progressive, ethically-herbivorous anthropoid pursuing a paleontology education in the Los Angeles Basin. I am largely nocturnal, have rarely been photographed, and cannot thrive in captivity.

03 March 2013

Farewell, Anonymi

In an attempt to cut down on the number of Anonymi posting here, I have changed the comments settings to require a registered Google or OpenID avatar.

I know it's not foolproof, but I want to hold people to a modicum of accountability for their comments.


  1. Just found your blog!


  2. Awww Muffin , did the daylight show your solid argument to be a mushy block of swiss cheese? Better shut the curtains.

    Less discussion more yes men , always leads to the best ideas.

  3. Well it may help but it didn't get rid of that troll. ^^