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I am a politically-progressive, ethically-herbivorous anthropoid pursuing a paleontology education in the Los Angeles Basin. I am largely nocturnal, have rarely been photographed, and cannot thrive in captivity.

Paleo What?

I've always thought there was something inherently self-indulgent about blogging. But then, I'm pretty self-centered, so it's a natural fit.

Anyway, considering the name and theme I've chosen for this blog, we should get a few things straight:

1) This is not a blog about the study of ancient vegans.

2) This is not a blog about dieting. Dieting is transitory. I'm not on a diet, and I'm not particularly interested in sharing my recipes, though I might sometimes post yummy ones when I find them. Veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet; what's more, it's an ethical philosophy and practice. While I eat as healthily as possible, my veganism is for me fundamentally a moral stance. I believe it is wrong to exploit animals when there's no longer any need to do so.

3) More specifically, this is not a blog about the "Paleo-Diet" that seems to be experiencing a recent surge of popularity, though I will have some things to say about that trend from time to time, especially if it keeps getting popular. You can probably guess what I think about it.

4) This blog will focus on issues related to both veganism and paleontology, my two biggest passions; I live by one and am working towards a master's degree in the other. It may seem a strange combination, but hopefully you'll come to see otherwise by reading this humble blog. In my mind, both subjects converge in their connection to issues of climate change, evolution, human health, and H. sapiens' impact and place in the web of life. I think you'll find that using those two concepts -- veganism and paleontology -- as lenses can be the key to a wide range of interesting and vitally important subjects; hence, the title of this blog.

By the way, I'm also a huge fan of horror movies and literature. I just couldn't figure out how to fit it into the title of this blog.

"PaleoVeganGoreHoundology" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.